Radio Holland

Radio Holland is among the best-known and most trusted names in marine communications and service for commercial fleets, navies and superyachts worldwide. But after a takeover and naming hierarchy issues, Radio Holland’s brand identity was struggling. Seeking growth, the company had expanded its portfolio of technologies into the highly competitive satellite communications market, and needed a campaign to raise awareness and drive enquiries.

We conducted research interviews with existing customers, ex-customers and potential customers. This allowed us to develop an in-depth understanding of the reality of their operating environments and the motivations that drive their purchasing behavior. We also spoke with Radio Holland employees across the world to understand the challenges they faced in selling cutting-edge technology services. This led to a number of strategic recommendations centred on leveraging Radio Holland’s historic brand values around reliability, helpfulness and global reach to influence fleet and IT managers and persuade them to enquire about Radio Holland’s satellite communication services.

To replace the multitude of often misunderstood technology terms being used we recommended creating a new name that could act as an umbrella for the Radio Holland’s satellite communication services: Ship to Shore. We created a look and feel for a Ship to Shore campaign that contrasted with previous Radio Holland campaigns, and a series of adverts that used a simple, approachable tone and focussed on the benefits. The centrepiece of the campaign was an online sales configurator that de-mystified the complexity of fleet connectivity and provided an engaging route to generating qualified enquiries. The Radio Holland Ship to Shore airtime advisor is now in use by the company to drive sales worldwide.