ISA Yachts

As part of the new brand roll-out and repositioning we have completed for ISA Yachts, we created an iPad app that takes its audience on an immersive journey through the story of the company, the fleet and the shipyard. We developed a unique feature amongst shipyard tours, which allows the users to visualise an in-build yacht as it will appear in its finished state, through the use of the iPad’s built-in viewfinder.

The idea to create an app was originally conceived on a tour of the ISA Yachts shipyard, designed as a tool to improve the experience for visitors to the yard it quickly developed into a multi purpose digital presentation for the company and fleet.

The app needed to be both beautiful and practical, rich in content and intuitive to use. But most importantly it features an augmented reality feature, which makes use of the iPad's camera viewfinder window, to overly finished renders of production projects at key moments during the tour.