Heesen Yachts

Heesen Yachts wanted to create an annual book to promote the prestigious Dutch shipyard’s capabilities to the world. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of superyacht design, the coffee-table book needed to be innovative to reflect the Heesen brand, with content and photography that showcased the shipyard as one of the most highly respected superyacht builders.

Working closely with the Heesen Yachts’ team, we created a concept that would use gorgeous photography and insightful features to illustrate the company’s past, present and future achievements, while conveying the traditions, craftsmanship and attention to quality that make Heesen Yachts one of the leading Dutch luxury shipyards.

Retaining the same overall format, each edition of the book uses a new approach to the cover production, ensuring anticipation ahead of the launch each year. The features are illustrated with a balance of photography and unique illustrations, ensuring the book is a visual feast for readers.

"I first worked with The Superyacht Agency while at Perini Navi, creating a book for the owner of Maltese Falcon. When I moved to Heesen Yachts I was asked to create an annual book, so I immediately approached their team. We have now developed five beautiful books that showcase our shipyard.”

— Sara Gioanola, PR & Press Office Manager, Heesen Yachts