BWA Yachting

BWA Yachting is a well-known and respected company providing agency services to yachts throughout the world's key destinations. BWA appointed The Superyacht Agency to develop a brand refresh that helped communicate their worldwide offer more clearly to the market and help differentiate them from often locally-based competitors.

We began by undertaking an extensive round of research, speaking at length with BWA’s leadership team and the country managers, as well as with a number of customers. This research was clarified and distilled into a number of key findings about what the business stood for, its personality and its key strengths. These informed a new brand strategy centred on the proposition of ‘a smarter superyacht experience’.

Using the new brand strategy we developed a bold new visual language to work alongside the existing core identity and logo. We also developed new tools to support the new proposition including an innovative smart phone app that provides users with a simplified method of contacting BWA and provides access to a yacht-focussed Insider’s Guide in key locations.