Think. Create.

The Superyacht Agency creates brands and marketing communications for clients in the luxury yacht and associated industries. We work by combining strategy with industry insight and creativity.

Our approach

What we offer

We create compelling brands that efficiently communicate your company's values, personality and unique positioning. And we provide insightful advice on how to manage or evolve existing brands to keep them effective.


We combine our team’s experience of brand and marketing communications from the luxury and corporate sectors with The Superyacht Group’s unrivalled insight, expertise and knowledge of the large yacht market. We apply fresh ideas to every project. We look beyond the superyacht market to benchmark best practice. And we’ll always focus on reaching our clients' real target market in order to deliver genuine value and results.


Once we have agreed on the best strategic approach to a challenge, we treat each brief as a blank canvas. This allows us to create imaginative solutions that are both surprising and unique to the superyacht market. Our experience means we have the confidence to create the broadest of brushstrokes whilst being mindful of the tiniest details.

Our team

The Superyacht Agency is a small but dedicated group of specialists. Our team is as internationally diverse as our portfolio and consists of designers, art directors, account planners and writers. Our complementary skill sets allow us to deliver projects for a broad range of clients, whatever the challenge and wherever it takes place.

  • Martin Redmayne

    Founder and Chairman of both The Superyacht Group and The Superyacht Agency, Martin has over 20 year’s experience of the yacht and marine market. He is widely recognised as a thought leader and his insight and consultancy services are valued by brands across the sector.

  • Anna Ellis

    Running her own publishing company for over 7 years, Anna has a wealth of experience managing luxury and corporate accounts. She works alongside the design and project management team ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.

  • Don Hoyt Gorman

    As a journalist and editor, Don was editorial director of The Superyacht Group, and has written and spoken about yachting, technology and science for The Financial Times, Wired, The Superyacht Report and The National Academies of Science. Don leads communication strategy for the Agency and our clients.

  • Lee Manning

    With 16 years’ industry experience at leading London agencies, Lee’s broad skill set ranges from brand identity, print design and digital right through to interiors. Lee is responsible for both the creative direction of projects, reviewing and guiding all creative output by the studio.

  • James Shepherd

    With a background in luxury and corporate brand communications, James brings fresh ideas and perspective from outside the superyacht industry. He has 12 years’ experience working with clients including Kempinski, One&Only, Procter & Gamble, Toyota and BP.

  • Svitlana Balitska

    With 4 years of practical experience in Client Services Management, Svitlana has worked for some of Germany's leading branding and advertising agencies. Born in Ukraine and raised in Germany, she has a multicultural mind-set and is fluent in Russian, German, English and Italian.

  • Gareth Procter

    Gareth oversees all Asia-Pacific projects from Sydney and has worked at the highest levels of design for over a decade. His multi-disciplinary experience allows him to create and infuse a brand's essence across multiple channels simultaneously.

  • Susana Ríos

    Originally from Spain, Susana has a background in Multimedia Communications. Her interest in different fields helps her to stay curious, open and on top of the design industry. Working in the design team, she delivers solutions across different media, from printing to motion graphics.

We're always on the look out for talented designers, whether it’s for permanent, freelance, or placement positions, so please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us at